Warm greetings!

I’m Oluwatobiloba, oh yes, I know that can be a mouthful so I prepared a three-letter word name that will be super easy for you to pronounce- Hep culled from Hephzibah.

I am a Nigerian Lawyer who loves to write and if you can’t taste my excitement already, let me graciously announce that I am super excited to be starting this journey as the official Cleva Collections blog writer. Cliché as my next point may sound, is nothing but the truth. Cleva Collections as a business represents the tenets I stand for, originality, uniqueness and offering unbeatable value, so, you will understand that when the opportunity presented itself, I clutched it with both hands.

In the next phase of our journey, I hope to bring you inspiring and educating pieces that are fun to read. I hope to become your best buddy as we journey through the world of fashion and other spheres I believe would add value to you.

So, here’s to an amazing time ahead! Cheers to the awesomeness we will make!