The Two-Tone Ankara Jacket

The two-tone limited edition Ankara jacket

Fashion is defined by those special unique pieces we find when we are not even searching! If you are one who loves to have extremely limited versions of what they are wearing, then here is one chance you do not want to miss.

Cleva collections is all about creating pieces that make you stand out. The creative process behind this piece was amazingly simple, offering uniqueness in an elegant way by just mixing and matching the Ankara Prints. We shopped exclusive fabrics that cannot be found anymore for more to be made.

You can say it is a one-of-a-kind throw on jacket and a statement piece. To serve as a wow factor and to add more flair Lolly Joshua, the creative brain behind this piece added a black and white tribal print for the lining.

This exclusive jacket, made to be a showstopper can be dressed up or down. It has no buttons, and it is designed to stay open, a perfect outfit choice for any occasion. We all love items very few people aside us own and here is a chance to add one more of those to your closet!

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