When is the fringe kimono going to be Available?

Often, genius works arguably come from some of the most offhanded ideas one conceives and the production process of our Kente fringe kimono was no difference.

Lolly Joshua, the designer of this stunning piece did not quite expect the audience this design got. She thought it was one of those creative itches she had to satisfy. She was utterly astonished when many people, fashionistas included started to ask for it to the extent that the waiting list is more than double the amount she envisaged.

Lolly’s doubts aside, this kimono required a lot of skill and labor as each of the attached fringes which numbers up to 150 were measured evenly and hand sewn one by one. Given the technical effort put into each piece, finding manufacturers that can put in the work required to get fabrics required to make this piece has been quite the task. 

We weren’t willing to compromise on quality, so we intensified our search till we found a perfect partner to make bulk materials for us. We are working as hard as they are to ensure that the piece is made available very soon and we can assure you that when it is indeed available, it would be everything you hoped for and more!