When life gives you lemons🍋

At Cleva collections, we always want to create fabulous outfits everyone can have a piece of so these dresses, since we pictured it coming together has been one we wanted as many people as possible to have.
It is made from premium cotton African print fabric, and we fell in love with the design at first sight. Like every great idea that runs into a few hiccups along the way, we soon realized that the quantity we had may not meet with our ever-growing demand. We tried to have our manufacturing team print more of this design on the cotton fabric but much to our disappointment, we couldn’t!
Cleva collection prides itself in making unique outfits using only premium materials so when we were offered the opportunity to have this design printed on a polyester fabric, we kindly turned it down because we do not want our queens donning anything less than the best.
The team has had to go back to the drawing board to ensure that we do not compromise on the promises we make to you as our customers. We have practically rolled up our proverbial sleeves and we are working on activating our plan B. Our second plan is to make both dresses in the little quantity we can and put them up on the website as promised.
Sometimes, life throws us curveballs and things do not work out the way we want it. When you run into a speedbump, do you park your car and refuse to move on with your journey? Do you give up when things do not go according to plan? Forge ahead. If you want something to work out for you, make it happen.
Tell life that no matter how many lemons you throw at me, I’m going to just make some lemonade! Heck, you can even throw in margaritas for the fun of it!