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How I’m Doing It and What Keeps Me Going with Cleva Collections.

Moving from NYC to LA has been a transformative journey for Cleva Collections. This blog post delves into the challenges and adjustments we've faced, the importance of maintaining a steady income while growing a business, and the ways we balance personal and professional responsibilities. We also share our vision for the future of Cleva Collections, aiming to build a brand that empowers and inspires strong women everywhere.

Q&A: How I Am Doing It and What Keeps Me Going with Cleva Collections!


Q1: How has moving from NYC to LA impacted Cleva Collections?

A: Moving from NYC to LA has been a significant challenge for Cleva Collections, but things are slowly falling into place. Transitioning to a new state, especially one where you weren't born and raised, requires a major adjustment. This is even more challenging when you have a family and need to establish new local connections, such as models, photographers, and other trustworthy individuals. Essentially, it's like hitting the reset button and starting fresh.

Q2: What are the financial aspects of making a big move?

A: Relocating is expensive. Securing a good-paying 9-5 job is essential to cover expenses and invest in Cleva Collections. Some people prefer to dive straight into their business ventures without a steady income, but I chose to maintain a job for a more comfortable lifestyle. Balancing a 9-5 job while running a business is undoubtedly tough. Dedication to your business plan and consistent reminders of your business goals are crucial. It's easy to let your day job dominate, and before you know it, years can pass with little progress on your business.

Q3: How do you manage the uncertainty of income when running Cleva Collections?

A: A 9-5 job provides a reliable payday, whereas running a business means you never know when your next payday will be until the business is fully established. Once Cleva Collections is stable, income becomes reliable, but daily earnings can still vary.

Q4: When do you plan to leave your 9-5 job?

A: I work in retail where I can learn and gain insights to enhance Cleva Collections. Utilizing my 9-5 job to its fullest, I plan to stay until my business can generate my current paycheck in a single day. I know this will be achievable with hard work and dedication.

Q5: How do you juggle being a mom, wife, and business owner?

A: Juggling responsibilities as a mom, wife, and business owner is incredibly challenging. A well-structured schedule helps significantly. On my days off, I maximize my time to tackle tasks at home and advance Cleva Collections.

Q6: What are your goals for Cleva Collections?

A: My ultimate goal is to build not just a brand for strong women but a community that empowers them. With Cleva Collections, I aim to create a brand that encourages confidence through fashion and by highlighting other inspirational women.


The journey of moving from NYC to LA and balancing the demands of Cleva Collections with personal responsibilities has been both challenging and rewarding. Through it all, the unwavering support from our community and the passion for empowering strong women have kept us motivated. We hope that sharing our experiences provides insight and inspiration for those on similar paths. Thank you for being a part of Cleva Collections. Your continued support drives us to strive for excellence and to build a brand that truly makes a difference.

Stay tuned for more updates and join us as we continue to grow and thrive together!

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