Have you ever taken the time to just sit and look at the clothing you are wearing? Taken the time to examine every stitch and seam that binds all of the materials together? This isn’t just an article of clothing, its one small piece of a much larger vision. A testament. An outcry of expression. None of these is more evident than in the work of an indie designer. Sometimes we are so concerned with turning heads with what we are wearing, that we forget all about the impressive mind from which it came. The mind behind every fashion line has to be a brilliant one in order to be successful. And, if only her colorfully intricate designs are to be judged, Lolly Joshua, founder of Cleva Collections, is well on her way.

It all started seven years ago, when Lolly first began to teach herself the art of designing clothing. She
comes from a family with an affinity for crafting, the gift was passed down from her grandmother, to her mother, and now she possess it. She started young, crocheting blankets, making pillow cases and even making dresses out of socks for her Barbie dolls. At family events, she would even dress her siblings up and host fashion shows. Her purpose in life was laid before her at an early age, it was just about taking the steps to get there and continuing to master her craft and enflame her love for it. As a teenager, she applied and was accepted into the High School of Art and Design where she majored in fashion illustrations. It was there that she was able to learn the ins and outs of fashion and, unsurprisingly, after she graduated she knew exactly how she was going to make her mark on the world: as an indie fashion designer.

Lolly had her first fashion show in 2005 in Spanish Harlem under the name of McClendon Wear, a tribute
to her grandmother, and since then she has been featured in many other shows. Her designs have been in fashion show charities such as Walk For Haiti and Breast Cancer. They’ve also been featured on blogs and online magazines such as Lifestyle Magazine, Stilettos and Sounds and Vocab Magazine. She’s also become a personal seamstress for other designers, up and coming female recording artists and has even made costumes for up and coming actors. Over the years, she has continued to challenge herself and push the label on her craft. Inspired by a song by one of her favorite musicians, Erykah Badu, she changed her brand name to Cleva Collections, which is an acronym for Classy Ladies Endear Visible Attraction. She channels all of the things that she loved and inspired her as a child, things such as classical movies, fairy tales, nature and afro-centric designs and patterns.

Cleva Collections is a trendsetting brand that will catch your eye with its distinctiveness, there is always something in each design that will stand out. The styles and themes are constantly shifting and changing but what stays constant is the fact that they complement the female figure, ranging from sizes 0-22! And to add a more intimate and personal touch, all of the clothing is hand made to order and customizable especially for you! Lolly’s vision is to one day have a boutique shop of her own, but more than anything, she is determined to become the best fashion designer she possibly can! So enjoy your Cleva Collections experience and know that you are in great hands!