About Us

Cleva collections is a Black-owned business primarily run by women who believe in the power of fashion and putting one’s best foot forward on every occasion. At Cleva Collections, we specialize in making pieces that are not only fabulous but also unique in every sense of the word. If you want uncommon, there is nowhere else you would be happy to shop from than here.

The creative brains behind each piece of clothing here at Cleva Collection pride themselves in their ability to think outside the box and to create specially tailored fits. We value and never compromise on good quality; longevity is in the very fabric of our existence!

We are different because every design of ours is made in limited quantities that in turn helps the environment, yes, every item we make is a keepsake. Every stitch of clothing is made with love and the assurance of never-fading quality.

Our core tenets

  • At Cleva Collections, we set trends. We find our inspiration and we certainly do not focus on fashion forecasts.
  • All designs are originally hand-sketched by our Lead Creator and founder Lolly J. finished designs go through edit phases and only approved designs are put out for our gorgeous clients.
  • We use quality 100% cotton materials because they are breathable, and they last longer.
  • We create prints, and we make most of our designs with unique African print fabrics because they come in amazing variants, and we absolutely cannot get enough of them!

At Cleva Collections, you the Chic Queen who would not mind standing out and being the showstopper are our target! Our eye-catching designs were made with you in mind.